Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content is a large part of any online marketing strategy. After all, without any content, you may find it difficult to actually market anything. We at BrightSky Web Design can help you create a content marketing strategy that can be used for all aspects of your online presence. In addition to providing your business with content to market, content marketing helps create your brand’s online identity. Content marketing refers to the creation of all relevant content that pertains to your business and its branding, and the marketing of this content.

However, with content marketing, it’s very important to distinguish the kind of content that you’re marketing. On the surface, content marketing seems rather open and shut. Simply post the content, share it a few times across social media, and wait for your users to respond. One cannot expect to simply post any kind of content on your website or social media, and expect it to be marketable.Our team will take the time to create and identify the type of content that would be valuable in your content marketing strategy.

An effective content marketing strategy consists of content that users and your target audience are interested in engaging with, as opposed to a typical advertisement. In order to come up with content that your users will find valuable, there are a number of steps and strategies that we employ.

Understanding the Goal Behind Your Content

Like with any online and offline marketing strategy, we begin the process of content marketing by understanding your motivations and end goals behind this marketing strategy. The content that we will create for your business will be read by your users, so it’s very important that a direction be provided so that the content will have a certain theme to follow. We can create post after post, and put them up on your sites and social media for you, but without clear direction, we cannot achieve anything.

So we take the time to speak with our clients, and try to identify what they hope to achieve with their content. The beauty about content marketing is that it can be used to help you achieve whatever goals you have by altering your marketing strategy. Whether your goal is to educate your users with articles about current industry trends, increase sales, or maximize user engagement, there is no end to the number of ways content marketing can be used. We help you achieve the direction that you want your business to grow with our content marketing strategies.

The Type of Content You’re Interested In Sharing

The term content marketing is a fairly broad one, especially when being used in relation to the type of content that you’re going to be working with. The truth is, the type of content that will be used for your content marketing strategy depends significantly on your goals. Here are some of the content that can be used to market your brand:

    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts
    • Videos
    • Graphics and Images
    • Email newsletters

Again, depending on what you aim to achieve with your marketing campaign will influence the type of content that will be marketed. Regardless of the type of content you need, we have a full team of writers, SEO specialists, and designers to help make these content a reality. Each piece of content created takes time, and is of high quality, because we believe that quality will always beat quantity.

How Your Content Will Be Distributed to Your Users

After your content has been created, we then consider which platforms to utilize in order to distribute your content accordingly. Different platforms require different posting strategies, and these must be considered to maximize your content marketing strategy. For example, social media requires that you plan for the posting schedule in order to get your content out to your targeted audience at the right time.

After all, you took the time to have this content created for your business, it would be a shame if it doesn’t reach its intended audience. BrightSky Web Design helps guarantee that your content is seen and given the attention that it deserves.

If you’re interested in content marketing and other online marketing services that we offer, then reach out to us here at BrightSky Web Design today!